5th Webinar on OBE From an Assessment and Measurement Perspective

5th Webinar on OBE

Speaker: Dr. Ronald Carriveau


Abstract: A major piece of validity evidence for the interpretation and use of student assessment results is the claim that test items match measurable student-learning outcome statements. Test results can then be used to calculate outcome attainment measures for making valid instructional and course design decisions. The speaker will emphasize that it is at the student and class level that assessment is most meaningful. As you get further removed from what you are actually trying to measure (i.e., student learning at the course level), usefulness of the data for enhancing student learning diminishes. It will be shown that it is logical, efficient, and beneficial for the institution to obtain census outcome attainment at the course level and map horizontally across courses and vertically to the institutional level.

Date: April 02, 2022
Day: Saturday
Starting Time: 8:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time)



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IN4OBE Chapter UIU Presents Inaugural Session (Dec 5) of an Exhilarating Series of 11 Webinars Featuring Top OBE Experts – IN4OBE – International Network for Outcome Based Education