Dr. Qaiser Shehryar Durrani


Dr. Qaiser Durrani is a Professor, former Dean (SEAS) and Rector of GIFT University. He also heads University Research Counsel as well as its Curriculum Committee. He is currently a member of different academic bodies and selection boards of various Universities in Pakistan. Dr. Durrani has published his research work at various journals and conferences. His area of research is in Human Computer Interaction and Software Engineering. He has worked as Principal Investigator on a number of projects which were funded by organizations like ICT R&D fund, FAST-NU, and IT Industry. Dr. Durrani has a rich teaching, management as well as software development experience from places like FAST-NU, CresSoft, George Washington University, and Inter-American Development Bank.

Maaz Zafar Cheema

Manager Research Operations & Development

Mr. Maaz Zafar Cheema is a Research Associate in the office of research, innovation, and commercialization (ORIC) at GIFT University. He carries a graduate degree with a specialization in marketing. He has more than five years of industry and academic experience, including teaching, corporate sales, and business development. During his academic tenure, he has been a part of different student bodies which encouraged students to apply their marketing knowledge to help brands achieve their goals. He has also presented research papers at national and international conferences with research themes on sales force performance, emotional intelligence, and consumer behavior.