Student Development Project (SDP)

Business Idea Competition under Student Development Project

ORIC organized a Business Idea Competition to encourage the students to become entrepreneurs. ORIC received 12 proposals. Prize money, along with funding, was announced for the winners. There were two rounds of evaluation for the proposals. Round one presentation was held on 11th August in Dean ORIC’s office, after which five ideas were shortlisted. Round two presentations were held in September, with representations from all Deans, GIFT CED, and representatives from the Industry (Mr. Fahad, CEO of CMYK). The winner of the competition was “Natural Kitchen” project By Miss Zahra Imtiaz. The projet was incubated at GIFT University under the supervision of ORIC.

Natural Kitchen by Zahra Imtiaz (BS Diet and Nutrition):

Natural Kitchen is a project by Ms. Zahra Imtiaz of the BS Diet and Nutrition Department and is funded and supervised by ORIC. The project aims to provide healthy food to the GIFT community and it was inaugurated in June 2023. The project has garnered much praise from GIFT faculty, management, and students. People have especially praised the quality of food and the overall operations of the project. The project continues to be a profitable venture and a source of inspiration for students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.