Faculty Initiative Project (FIP)

Call for Proposals

As per ORIC commitment to support Research & Development for the Faculty, the Phase III of the Faculty Initiative Program has been Launched

Terms & Conditions: 

  • This opportunity is available for the permanent faculty only. 

Submission Process:

  • Submit a Hard copy of the application form to the ORIC office( Office No. 3, Basement, GIFT University or Dean ORIC, Deans Enclosure)
  • Email soft copy at: ra.oric@gift.edu.pk

In case of any query, please feel free to contact us at: 

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  Gujranwala Museum                            

   Principal Investigator: Dr. Asir Ajmal (Dean School of Arts and Social Sciences)


The aim of the Gujranwala Museum Project is to highlight the rich history of Gujranwala, from the Buddhist and Mughal time periods to the modern-day. The Museum showcases famous historical sites, artifacts, historical accounts, events, and biographies of famous personalities of Gujranwala. Initially, the museum launched digitally with a dedicated website and social Media Presence. The museum website is can be accessed at www.gujranwalamuseum.org

After completing its first phase, the museum is being upgraded to include VR and AR technologies and focuses on added immersion.


  GIFT Motor Testing Facility                             

   Principal Investigator : Mr. Muhammad Usama

GIFT Motor Testing facility, a project awarded to Mr. M. Usama, EE Department (SEAS). The project aims to develop a motor test bed at GIFT University so that the performance and efficiency of small-medium industrial motors can be tested locally. The test bench for the facility has been deployed at EE Lab, GIFT University, and it has officially initiated its operations successfully.  As per the project, the following activities have been conducted.

SAMA Verte Visit on 26 August 2023: –

A delegation from SAMA Verte recently visited the GIFT Motor testing facility, commending its endeavors. SAMA Verte is a consultancy offering policy guidelines in Energy, Environment, and Climate Change. As part of their motor industry accelerator initiative, they are engaged in establishing and enforcing minimum motor ratings for motor manufacturers in Pakistan. During the visit, Turkish Motor Manufacturing Experts were present, and it was led by Mr. Stuart Jeffcot, a specialist in standards and labeling. Valuable recommendations were extended to enhance the precision of the test setup and improve result reliability.

ITU IMAL Visit on 30th August 2023:

Dr. Qaiser Durrani and Mr. Usama visited the motor testing bench at IMAL at Information Technology University Lahore. They had a fruitful meeting with Dr. Tauseef Tauqeer who is the Dean of electrical engineering and the principal investigator for IMAL. He ensured full support of any kind from their end and commended the efforts of GIFT University in establishing such a facility at Gujranwala.


GIFT Film and Theatre Company                      

   Principal Investigator : Dr. Taimur Kiyani (Dean Office of  Distant Learning)

GIFT Film and Theatre (Company GFTC), a project by Dr. Taimur Kiyani, Dean Office of Distant Learning (ODL) and Director of GIFT Language Centre (GLC), SAAS. The project aims to highlight Pakistan’s cultural values by promoting theatre and short films, thus reviving the dying art of theatre for the young generation. As part of the project, GFTC has organized multiple mega events namely the Dramatic Monologue Competition and Workshops on Short Film Making. Also, the project achieved a great milestone by producing its first theatrical show titled “Lalli” at the Alhamra Theater festival in Lahore, where it garnered tremendous praise. The play is written by Dr. Taimur Kiyani and is directed by Mr. Farukh Hammed. The play was a great commercial and critical success and was again showcased at the Punjab Arts Council, Gujranwala, to a full house of spectators. The play also made headlines on major news outlets like PTV News.