GIFT Office of Research (ORIC) has been created to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Build R&D environment
  • Create industrial linkages
  • Seek funding opportunities
  • Impart trainings
  • Promote entrepreneurship
  • Build Business Incubation Center (BIC)
  • Research Commercialization

ORIC has been developed to facilitate the faculty to achieve their R&D endeavors by providing them an enabling environment. One of the main challenges is to develop industrial linkages and provide them the relevant support. Gujranwala division is a region of entrepreneurs with lots of small and medium size industries contributing towards national economy. However, most of these industries are working in silos with hardly any collaboration with academia. With such a large potential available and doing things indigenously may be good enough to stay as a small or medium size industry. To grow into a large size and make its impact at the international level, it might require some basic changes in their infrastructure, management and quality output. To change this, an R&D infrastructure of the university can be used, which would help both the industry and the university to grow. ORIC would be looking forward to provide this support and create win-win situation.

With entrepreneurship already in the roots of this region, the office will further help develop and polish these skills through its Business Incubation Center (BIC). It will not just provide the seed funding but also the platform, environment and human expertise to train the students to help develop their ideas into business opportunities.