Research Group: Advanced Cloud and Web Engineering Lab (ACWEL)

The Advanced Cloud and Web Engineering Lab (ACWEL) has been established at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), GIFT University, to promote research and development in the area of cloud computing and web engineering. The research team comprises of faculty, research associates and students. 

Research Areas: 

  • Cloud Computing/Edge Computing 
  • Federated Models for Resource Optimization 
  • Web Mining and Data Management 
  • Web Session Reconstruction 
  • Reinforcement Learning

Current Projects: 

  • Federated Machine Learning: A Distributed Approach to Covid-19 detection 
  • Energy Aware Scheduling for Load Balancing 
  • Time Aware Scheduling for Resource Optimization 
  • Intelligent Web Crawling through Reinforcement Learning 
  • Improved AceBot for Web Crawling 
  • An Enhanced Approach towards Optimizing Focused Web Crawling 

Research Team Head: Dr. Muhammad Ziad Nayyar