ORIC Business Idea Competition 2023

About Competition

ORIC in Collaboration with YES Society is organizing a Business Ideas Competition where students will be given a funding opportunity based on the viability of their Ideas. The purpose of this competition is to help students conceive ideas, come up with creative solutions and develop their own businesses, in the spirit of the entrepreneurial mindset. Two Business Ideas namely  Scented Candles by Rukh e Mah (Bs Home Economics) and Natural Kitchen by Zahra Intiaz (Bs Diet and Nutrition) of previous Competition are already in the process of incubation
Interested students can send their ideas to the ORIC office or YES society. A panel of Academic and Industry Experts will evaluate the ideas and winning proposals will be given a cash price and a funding opportunity.
The proposals will be evaluated on these factors:
◦Overall Business Plan
◦Marketing and customer segmentation
◦Unique selling point and competitive analysis 
◦Budgeting and profitability
The proposal should be submitted to the ORIC office at ra.oric@gift.edu.pk in ppt format.
In case of any queries, please feel free to contact the ORIC office at following